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Windows Phone 7 Solution Wizards from Microsoft

If you are having issues with your Windows Phone 7, then you may want to try out the Windows Phone 7 Solution Wizards. Continue reading

Coming Windows Phone 7 first update will disable unlocking exploit

The Chevron WP7 tool which was developed for unlocking the Windows Phone 7 devices, was discontinued by the developers itself within a week of it’s availability in the month of November. Continue reading

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 Interoperability Site for iPhone Developers

Microsoft has launched an interoperability site for all the new developers coming to the new Windows Phone 7 platform. This site guides the developers coming from Continue reading

WP7 Design Guidelines Cheat Sheet for Windows Phone 7 Developers!

If you are currently developing or looking to develop for Windows Phone 7, then this Design Guidelines Cheat Sheet might interest you. Continue reading

What to expect in Windows Phone 7 January Updates!

Microsoft has announced on their official Windows Phone 7 site the list of features and updates which it plans to deliver this month, to Windows Phone 7 operating system. Continue reading

Comparison Chart: Windows Phone 7 Handsets specs

A nice visual chart comparing the specs all of the currently available in retail, Windows Phone 7 mobile devices has been created and made public by ElektricForest site. Continue reading

Proof of Concept emerges, WP7 Marketplace might actually be hacked!

WPCentral reports that they have seen the tool in action. Created by a “white hat” developer, the application is called “FreeMarketplace“. Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 5,000 apps mark

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has reached 5,000 applications since its launch on October 21. currently lists Continue reading

Sign a Petition urging Microsoft to open Windows Phone Marketplace Worldwide!

Currently, Windows Phone Marketplace only supports seventeen countries. So if your one of the lucky many to own a Windows Phone 7 but live in a country with no Windows Phone Marketplace, you’re stuck with a great phone Continue reading

Microsoft launches the Middle East & Africa (MEA) Windows Phone 7 challenge for students

Microsoft has launched the MEA Windows Phone 7 challenge for students from the Middle East & Africa. Continue reading