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Microsoft Security Essentials Receives AV-Test Certificate

Anti-virus research and data security organization AV-Test recently spent three months testing 19 security products in the areas of protection, repair and usability. On Monday, August 16th they released the test results, and once again Microsoft  Continue reading

Parental Control: Set Time Limits for a Child on Windows 7

How do you keep your kids from playing with their computer all night? Kids love technology. Kids would spend every waking moment in front of the computer or gaming system if you let them. Continue reading

Microsoft Security Essentials Earns August VB100 certification

VB100 award is a public test conducted by Virus Bulletin, a highly reputable testing organization in the industry, designed to measure the detection effectiveness and quality of antivirus (AV) products. The most important validation of AV quality comes from independent certification organizations like Virus Bulletin. Continue reading

Microsoft Windows Intune – Information & resources for you

Windows Intune is another one of the exciting announcements made at WPC10 this year that had a lot of people talking and asking for more, just like the Windows Azure platform.

Windows Intune, for those not familiar with it yet, helps  Continue reading

How To Use Credential Manager In Windows 7

Very few Windows users know about the Credential Manager present in Windows 7 as most of users prefer third-party tools to save their user names and passwords. This tool is actually a rebranded version of the old Stored Names and Passwords feature from Windows Vista.

As Microsoft says, Continue reading

Fix: Windows 7 Wi-Fi Hot Spots Connectivity Issues

When using Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you might sometimes encounter issues when connecting you laptop to Wi-Fi enabled hotspots. This issue include poor performance as well as having the wireless network connection dropped altogether. You may experience random connectivity issues when  Continue reading

Backup Windows 7 Drivers With Double Driver

There are several cases where end-users might want to backup all installed drivers on Windows 7. There isn’t an option in Windows 7 to backup installed drivers however, it can be done with the help of a third-party free tool. Continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Love Microsoft

All the attention on Microsoft is focused on its two big cash cows, Windows and Office, but its servers and tools business is also impressive. For the 2010 fiscal year the division did $15 billion in sales and $5.5 billion in operating income. That’s just $3 billion Continue reading

Make Windows 7 Update Find Updates for More Than Just the OS

Are you new to Windows 7 and the way it runs Windows Update? By default it won’t check for updates for other Microsoft programs installed, here’s how to make Windows Update find updates for Office and other MS apps.

To Activate Microsoft Update Continue reading

White Paper: Top Ten Things Every IT Pro Should Know about IE8 on Windows 7

Every new version of Windows comes with a new version of Internet Explorer, and in the case of Windows 7, it’s IE8. There are a lot of new or updated features, and this Microsoft white paper discusses the top ten topics that every Windows 7 administrator or planner should know about the new version of IE that Windows 7 brings to the table. Continue reading