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Microsoft unveils the new Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform Website!

Microsoft has announced the launch of the new Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform website. Continue reading

Microsoft ‘How To Tell’ website gets a makeover

The new MicrosoftHow To Tell‘ site is now live. Continue reading

Microsoft Store gets a new Metro UI (User Interface)

Microsoft recently has been updating their various services/products websites like the ‘Microsoft Answers’ support site, ‘Windows Embedded’ Website and they also unveiled a preview of upcoming homepage of Continue reading

‘Microsoft Answers’ support site gets a facelift!

Microsoft has updated Microsoft Answers support site with new design and lot of new features including new navigation and reputation system. Continue reading

Microsoft ‘Windows Embedded’ Website gets an overhaul!

Microsoft new Windows Embedded Website has gone live! Continue reading

The Microsoft Partner Web Syndication Centre: Enhance your site with free contents

The Partner Web Syndication is a free service for Microsoft partners that helps you dynamically deliver valuable customer-facing content from Microsoft on your own website. Continue reading

Microsoft Homepage gets a Facelift!

Microsoft has unveiled a preview of upcoming homepage of The appearance has been revamped totally and inspired by Windows Phone 7 Metro UI with new tag line Be what’s next. Continue reading

Microsoft Health Tech Today: An online video series website

Microsoft Health Tech Today, is a fast-paced online video series designed to showcase cutting-edge stories and how software innovation is improving health around the world. Continue reading

Microsoft Genuine Windows website gets a new look

Microsoft has revamped its genuine Windows website and given it a sleek new look. On the new website you can find information on several things like Continue reading