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Compatible virtual environments for Windows 8 Developer Preview

Coming on the heels of PC users interest in running the Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual environment, Microsoft has evaluated popular options and has set a baseline assessment as Functional and Non-functional virtual environments. Continue reading

Hyper-V Virtualization Platform will be included in Windows 8

Microsoft has revealed that the Hyper-V Virtualization Platform wil indeed be included in the next release of Windows client OS, Windows 8. Continue reading

SharePoint 2010 Virtualization Guidance & Recommendations from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a document SharePoint 2010 Virtualization Guidance and Recommendations, intended to help administrators develop an efficient architecture. Continue reading

Microsoft launches System Center 2012!

Today at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), Microsoft Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson introduced the new System Center 2012, which will enable IT managers to Continue reading

Review: Virtualization in Windows 8

The use of virtual machines has been one of the quiet innovations that may be ready to explode into the public mainstream. Continue reading