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WP7 Design Guidelines Cheat Sheet for Windows Phone 7 Developers!

If you are currently developing or looking to develop for Windows Phone 7, then this Design Guidelines Cheat Sheet might interest you. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks newsletter from Microsoft on Windows 7

Are you looking for Windows 7 tips and tricks? You can register your copy of genuine Windows 7 now for “Welcome to Windows 7″, a Windows 7 tips and tricks newsletter from Microsoft. Continue reading

Windows Phone 7: How to change the default Windows Live ID

If you start using Windows Phone 7, you will need to have and setup a Windows Live ID. The first ID you use will be its default Live ID, and your Phone will be registered against this Windows Live ID. Continue reading

Automatically fix Windows Explorer, File and Folder Problems

Microsoft has released yet another Automated Troubleshooting Solution which automatically diagnose and repair problems with files and folders in Windows, like Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 – Tips and Tricks, Help and How-to

Windows Phone 7 is being made available,  so Microsoft has made available a set of some basic tips and tricks for Windows Phone 7 which will help users get used to this new operating system.  Continue reading

How to change Windows 7 and Office 2010 Product License Key

Need to change your Windows 7 or Microsoft Office 2010 product license keys, here is how you can do so! Continue reading

Fix: Windows 7 Black screen

Windows 7 or Vista computer users may be facing a problem of seeing a Black Screen for even upto 10 minutes when the users unlock their computers. This article provides a fix for this problem. Continue reading