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Microsoft Support Videos: Sending and Receiving E-mail – Part 1

These two videos demonstrate and teach new methods to troubleshoot issues that users might be having sending or receiving email. Continue reading

Want to know when Microsoft ends support for your Windows 7, Vista & XP OS

For those of you trying to stick it out with your Windows XP & Windows Vista, it might be interesting to know when you will lose support for these Windows products. Due to popularity Windows XP support Continue reading

Microsoft Windows Intune – Information & resources for you

Windows Intune is another one of the exciting announcements made at WPC10 this year that had a lot of people talking and asking for more, just like the Windows Azure platform.

Windows Intune, for those not familiar with it yet, helps  Continue reading

Microsoft launches new Virus and Security Solution Center

Visit this new page from the Microsoft Support team for information on viruses, protecting your PC, and the latest Internet scams. Plus, post questions for Microsoft security experts or request support for any PC problem that you’re facing.

Visit new site: Here.