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Microsoft releases the Final Version of ‘WebMatrix’, a Web development software

Microsoft has announced the release of the final version of its open source WebMatrix Web development software. Continue reading

Download: Free Genuine Microsoft Software Products for Developers

In an earlier post, some useful links to free genuine Microsoft Software products were shared. There are also many Microsoft products for Developers available and Continue reading

Download: Free Genuine Microsoft Software Products

Every user always wants to try out new software and operating systems. In this post, are links to software products which Microsoft offers for free use. You can download free betas and trials, Free Express-versions of Continue reading

Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) for Microsoft software

The Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) is an effort by Microsoft to increase customer satisfaction. By gathering information from people who use its software and services, Microsoft hopes to Continue reading

What is a Microsoft Signature PC and Software?

Microsoft Signature PCs are those PCs that are purchased from the Microsoft Store and which come with full versions of the software you need, pre-configured and ready to run. Continue reading

Microsoft-HP Video: What’s a Software license – Licensing 101

What’s a Software license? How does it work? Why is it important for you to know which type of license to choose? Mark Wood explains it Continue reading

Microsoft to provide free software to NGOs

In a blog post Microsoft has stated that; to prevent non-government organizations from falling victim to nefarious actions taken in the guise of Continue reading