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Infographic: Why you should use SkyDrive instead of the traditional way attaching of files to your mail

To create awareness for users, on why it makes a lot more sense to use SkyDrive, instead of the traditional way of attaching files to your mail, Microsoft has launched a new website called ‘Attachments Suck’. Continue reading

How to troubleshoot SkyDrive or Facebook photo upload issues in Windows Phone 7

This article may interest you, if you experience problems when you try to upload or share photos from Windows Phone to SkyDrive or Facebook. Continue reading

Co-author feature now available for Word Web App

Microsoft has announced that they have improved collaboration by bringing co-authoring to the Word Web App. Previously, users can co-author in Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 and also by using SkyDrive to simultaneously edit files on the web in Excel and OneNote. Continue reading

Windows Live SkyDrive gets a Makeover!

Yesterday, Microsoft relaunched Windows Live SkyDrive, incorporating HTML5 and taking advantage of recent browser advances to provide a much-improved experience for accessing and sharing Microsoft Office documents, photos and more in the cloud. Continue reading