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Microsoft unveils the new Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform Website!

Microsoft has announced the launch of the new Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform website. Continue reading

IT Pros: Proactively monitor your Microsoft SQL Server deployments using ‘Microsoft codename Atlanta’

Microsoft codename Atlanta is a secure cloud service that proactively monitors and improves the performance of your Microsoft SQL Server deployments. It helps you avoid configuration problems, reduce downtime, improve performance, and resolve issues faster. Continue reading

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Planning Tool now available

Microsoft has released Lync Server 2010 Planning Tool and it’s now available for download at the Microsoft Download Centre. Continue reading

Download: Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Posters

Microsoft has released a set of six printable posters which provides an overview of the capabilities, architecture, configurations etc of BizTalk Server 2010. These Posters are now available for Continue reading

Event Log Managers for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Looking for good freeware to view, manage and analyze your Windows Event Logs, you may want to check Continue reading

Microsoft Security Compliance Manager & Windows 7 Security Baseline

Microsoft’s Security Compliance Manager helps IT pros design, manage and monitor baseline security in Windows.

The Microsoft Security Compliance Manager is the next evolution of the Microsoft Security Compliance Management Toolkit (SCMT) Series. Continue reading

Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Help Files

Microsoft has updated and released the Help file for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and is now available for download at the Microsoft download center. This download contains a standalone version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Help. Continue reading