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Microsoft to launch Internet Explorer 9 final version on March 14 2011

Microsoft yesterday officially confirmed that the final version of Internet Explorer 9 will be launching at 9 p.m PST (click here to check your local time ) on March 14, 2011. Continue reading

The Windows Phone 7 Portal goes live!

Today marks the much anticipated release of Windows Phone 7, and Microsoft has opened the Windows Phone 7 portal. No devices are listed as of yet but you can get a peek at the Features, Help and How-Tos as well as Apps. There are many videos and Continue reading

Google launches Google TV website

Google has launched a new website that provides more information about Google TV and its apps and all of the other features of Google TV. Continue reading

Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7 worldwide launch for Oct 11th, 2010

Microsoft has officially confirmed on its website that the Windows Phone 7 launch event would be held at  the NYC Microsoft Technology Center on Monday 10/11/10. Continue reading

Announcing: Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Event

With a few days to the launch of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has announced the schedule for the Developer launch event, yesterday. Continue reading

News: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 hits over 2 million downloads in 2 days

Microsoft launched the latest version of Internet Explorer 9 Beta on 15th September,2010 and within a couple of days of its launch it’s already started Continue reading

Microsoft workers perform a rendition of Thriller at iPhones & Blackberrys mock funeral

Microsoft workers are already betting that Windows Phone 7 will beat the competition! At Microsoft’s Redmond campus on Friday, they celebrated Continue reading