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Infographic: Why you should use SkyDrive instead of the traditional way attaching of files to your mail

To create awareness for users, on why it makes a lot more sense to use SkyDrive, instead of the traditional way of attaching files to your mail, Microsoft has launched a new website called ‘Attachments Suck’. Continue reading

Infographic: Windows Phone 2011 Retrospective

This infographic was created to provide a retrospective look back on Windows Phone in 2011, with a specific view to information developers would want to see. Continue reading

Infographic: Geek vs. Nerd

The terms geek and nerd may sometimes seem synonymous, but they have very different roots in history. Continue reading

Infographic – Step by Step Guide to Microsoft Office 365

Yesterday, Microsoft made available Office 365 in 40 markets globally. Office 365 provides anywhere access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars so you’re always up-to-date. It brings together familiar Microsoft productivity applications and business-class security and reliability in an affordable pay-as-you-go service that fit an organization’s unique needs. Continue reading

Infographic: Microsoft Office 2010 One year Anniversary

On June 15, Microsoft released a new infographic in honor of Office 2010 One-Year anniversary. This infographic details statistics of how people are adopting the product in all major points at one year of its release. Continue reading

Infographics: Windows Phone 7 Timeline, Features and Specifications

Windows Phone 7 is the new mobile operating system from Microsoft to replace the older Windows Mobile platform. Check out the infographic on the analysis of WP7 since it’s public launch. Continue reading

Infographic: Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

An infographic by WP AppHab details the status of Windows Phone 7 from the app angle; all 8000+ of them. Continue reading

Infographics: Why you shouldn’t buy a Mac!

Below is an Infographic from which has a look at the Configure your Mac Pro page from Apple’s website to present facts in a Continue reading

Infographic: An Overview of The History of Microsoft in the Last 10 years

Microsoft is the biggest IT company in the world and it has always given its reason to be on the top spot everytime it was required. Continue reading

Infographic: Interesting facts on Microsoft

Microsoft seems to conjure up images to people of a giant black monolithic entity that devours all creative endeavors that dare oppose it. What most people don’t realize is Continue reading