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Beauty of The Web: Getting started with Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft recently launched and made available for download IE9 RTW to the general public. Continue reading

Microsoft to launch Internet Explorer 9 final version on March 14 2011

Microsoft yesterday officially confirmed that the final version of Internet Explorer 9 will be launching at 9 p.m PST (click here to check your local time ) on March 14, 2011. Continue reading

IE6 Countdown: Upgrade now to newer versions of IE for improved user security & reliability features

Microsoft have recently launched a ‘Countdown Timer‘ website to get people off of its Internet Explorer 6 browser and begin to upgrade to more recent versions of IE. IE6, is a ten-year old browser, and according to Microsoft “It’s now time to say goodbyeContinue reading

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) to be released on Jan 28

Microsoft is planning to reveal its near-final version of Internet Explorer 9 on January 28. Continue reading

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Hits 20 Million Downloads!

Microsoft earlier today announced that the latest iteration of their web browser Internet Explorer 9 has been downloaded more than Continue reading

News: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 hits over 2 million downloads in 2 days

Microsoft launched the latest version of Internet Explorer 9 Beta on 15th September,2010 and within a couple of days of its launch it’s already started Continue reading

Comparison Chart: Internet Explorer 9 vs Firefox 4 vs Chrome 6

Microsoft has recently released Internet Explorer 9 and it is but natural most would want to know how it stands with other browsers like Firefox & Chrome. The following tables compares Continue reading

Microsoft Internet Explorer logo Evolution

How the Internet Explorer logo has changed over the years! Initially, Microsoft chose the World to symbolize its browser, a metaphor for Continue reading

Troubleshoot: Internet Explorer 9 Beta installation issues

If you are experiencing any kind of installation issues with Internet Explorer 9 Beta, you should read the release notes for Internet Explorer 9 Beta released by Microsoft which Continue reading

Download: Internet Explorer 9 Beta for Windows now available

For those eagerly waiting to download Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Finally, here are the download links! Windows Internet Explorer 9 delivers Continue reading