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Windows MultiPoint Server + LG’s Network Monitor = Real Savings For School

Last week, LG and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership on the development and marketing for LG’s Network Monitor. Continue reading

Microsoft-HP Video: What’s a Software license – Licensing 101

What’s a Software license? How does it work? Why is it important for you to know which type of license to choose? Mark Wood explains it Continue reading

HP won’t build phones with Windows Phone 7 OS.

On Friday, Hewlett-Packard confirmed that they will not build phones using Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7. Continue reading

Microsoft will release Tablet PC to rival iPad.

Microsoft has joined hands with Hewlett-Packard to launch a Windows Tablet PC which will be released, later this year.

“Our focus is working with still our largest software partner, Microsoft, to create a tablet, a slate, for the enterprise business,” said HP’s Vice President. He then continued saying  Continue reading