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Browser Blowout 2010: IE vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Safari vs. Opera

Our Lab tests reveal which browser is the fastest, the safest, and the most powerful tool for the Web.

Of all the software on your PC, the Web browser may be the most important tool you use each day–but you may not give it much thought. The difference between  Continue reading

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview: A Definitive Guide

Welcome back into the smartphone arena Microsoft, it looks like you have a serious challenger entering the ring and I will definitely be purchasing a device as soon as I can. I spent an hour with the Windows Phone 7 team and was then given a Samsung developer phone (looks to be something like the i8910 Omnia HD device) with the latest Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview to use for about 3 weeks. As Terry Myerson posted on  Continue reading

The Secret Origin of Windows

A quarter century ago, Windows wasn’t everywhere. In fact, some were doubtful it would ever ship at all.

A couple of weeks later, Ballmer called me in and proposed that I transfer over to manage Windows. Sounds like a plum job right? Well, that wasn’t so obvious at the time. Windows had been announced the previous year with much fanfare and support from most of the existing PC vendors. However, by the time of my discussion with Steve, Windows still had not shipped  Continue reading