Infographic: Why you should use SkyDrive instead of the traditional way attaching of files to your mail

To create awareness for users, on why it makes a lot more sense to use SkyDrive, instead of the traditional way of attaching files to your mail, Microsoft has launched a new website called ‘Attachments Suck’.

Facts and points you should know:
– Average person send and receives 15 attachments daily
– 73% sending mail attachments, face a bounce back problem
– 62% lose files sent as attachments
– 75% of users don’t save their attachments
– Every day, the average office worker receives over 170 email messages a day, and sends over 35
– 77% of workers need to send documents for group editing
– In Hotmail alone, there are over 1 billion email messages sent with file attachments per week
– SkyDrive represents over 15% of the email attachments sent using Hotmail

Microsoft recommends that you use its own free cloud service SkyDrive. It will not only help you send files across, but also let you edit the documents.

To learn more, visit



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