Microsoft celebrates 20th Anniversary of Microsoft Certifications

Yesterday, as part of the 20th anniversary of Microsoft Certification celebration, Microsoft recognizes the more than 7 million people globally who are certified on Microsoft technology.

Started in 1992, the certification program has evolved to become one of the world’s largest and most diverse certification communities. A person who earns a Microsoft certification is recognized by employers and peers as an expert in that particular field.

By earning a certification from Microsoft in 2012, a person validates relevant skills through a credential that employers worldwide respect, connects with a global community, and gains access to valuable career-building tools and training.

According to Lutz Ziob General Manager, Microsoft Learning in a presspass;

We earned the confidence of those millions of candidates — and of employers worldwide — over the course of 20 years by building trust in the integrity and validity of these credentials. As part of our tribute, it’s critical that we resolve to keep our products rigorous and robust, so that Microsoft certifications remain the most trusted in the industry.

As part of the anniversary celebration, Microsoft will donate up to 5,000 entry-level Microsoft Technology Associate certification exams and training.

Head over to Microsoft Learning to see how you can grow your career and seed opportunity for the next generation.


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