Windows 7 Step-by-Step free video series from Microsoft

Microsoft Press has made available Windows 7 Step-by-Step video series that teaches Windows 7 features visually, in an easy-to-follow visual format.

Each video in the series is based on a specific book in the highly successful Step by Step print book series, and adds best practices, tips, tricks, and enhanced explanations and commentary.

The series contains a total of 12 chapters, which includes:
– Chapter 1: Explore Windows 7
– Chapter 2: Manage User Accounts
– Chapter 3: Manage Your Network
– Chapter 4: Navigate Windows and Folders
– Chapter 5: Manage Folders and Files
– Chapter 6: Connect to the Web
– Chapter 7: Work with Web Pages and Sites
– Chapter 8: Manage Internet Explorer
– Chapter 9: Change Visual Elements
– Chapter 10: Change System Settings
– Chapter 11: Work with Programs
– Chapter 12: Set Up Hardware Devices

You can access the entire playlist here.

You may also want to check out Word 2010 Step-by-Step free video series & Excel 2010 Step-by-Step free video series!

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