OnLive Desktop – Experience Windows 7 on your iPad

Onlive is now bringing an evolution to remark the beginning of new prospects for the iPad, by bringing full Windows 7 applications “from the cloud”, on the iPad.

According to OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman;

OnLive Desktop is the first app to deliver a no-compromise, media-rich Windows desktop experience to iPad, opening up powerful new possibilities for consumers and businesses. iPad users will now be able to simply and securely view and edit cloud-hosted documents with full-featured Windows desktop applications like Microsoft Office, just as if they were using a local high-performance PC. Multi-touch gestures respond instantly and smoothly, while HD videos, animations and PC video games-never before usable on a remote desktop-play seamlessly.

The app is free, and will soon be available in the iTunes App store.

You will be required to create a free OnLive account here, or sign in with your OnLive Game Service email and password.

OnLive Desktop is coming soon for Android, iPhone, PC, Mac and monitors and TVs via the OnLive MicroConsole thin client, and on connected TVs.

For more details, visit

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