Microsoft Learning Suite for Educators & Students now available for free download

The Learning Suite is a collection of many of Microsoft‘s free, most innovative applications, web-based tools, and teacher resources in one simple, customizable download.

This set of innovative teacher tools and applications when combined with the power of Office and Windows, creates a robust, creative and collaborative learning environment for students and educators.

The Learning Suite includes:
Creativity Tools like Songsmith, Photosynth, Photo Gallery, AutoCollage, Kodu, Photosynth

Teaching Tools like PhotoStory 3, Office Add-in for Moodle, Getting Started & How-to Videos, Digital Literacy, Mouse Mischief, Interactive Classroom, Community Clips

Collaboration Tools like Windows Live Writer, Live Messenger, Office Web Apps, Partners in Learning, Bing Translator?

Research & Study Tools like Bing Maps, Academic Search, Worldwide Telescope, Internet Explorer, Mathematics 4.0, Chemistry Add-ins for Word.

You can free download the Learning Suite from here (You may be asked to register with a Windows Live ID).

For more information about the Microsoft Learning Suite, download this PDF brochure or/and this PowerPoint presentation.


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