Learn how Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) can help you efficiently deploy and manage Web-based solutions

Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) enables the most efficient way to deploy and manage Web-based solutions.

IEAK is designed to be used by four main customers:
1. Corporations: Internet Explorer Administration Kit provides administrators with powerful, easy-to-use options designed to save you time and money in deploying and managing Web solutions.

IEAK allows you to:
– Establish version control across your organization.
– Centrally distribute and manage browser installations.
– Configure automatic connection profiles for users’ machines.
– Customize virtually any aspect of Internet Explorer, including features, security, communications settings, and other important elements.

2. Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) programs and tools make it easy for you to create and deploy custom browser packages and to manage the browser after the installation.

As an ISP, you can customize Internet Explorer and make it easy for customers to sign up for your services. The IEAK works faster and more reliably to help you save time distributing your browser, get more users to the Web, and reduce your support costs.

IEAK allows you to:
– Customize the browser and other features to match your business objectives.
– Flexibly deploy and distribute the browser.
– Include third-party add-ons with installation.
– Include Search Providers and Custom Components.
– Additionally with IEAK 8, you can also include Web Slices and Accelerators as a part of your package.

The Internet Explorer Administration Kit makes it easy for you to generate a custom browser with Internet Explorer that can be deployed via Web download or CD to your subscribers.

3. Internet Content Providers (ICPs): you can choose customization options for Internet Explorer that help showcase your content in a number of ways. The Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) enables you to customize the appearance of the browser and the Setup program. You can add your organization’s name or other wording to the title bar. For example, the phrase “Windows Internet Explorer Provided by Proseware, Inc.” could appear on your title bar.

You can preset the following Web pages and links:
– Customer support page
– Users’ home page
– Users’ search providers
– Links in the Favorites bar
– Links to Explorer Bars
– Add-on Components page (for optional components)
– Add Web Slices and Accelerators (IEAK 8 and IEAK 9)
– Set which mode IE renders in (Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 7 mode using IEAK 8 or IEAK 9)

4. Internet Software Vendors (ISVs): you can easily distribute your custom program with Internet Explorer. By using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) programs and tools you are able to create custom browser software packages that include your own components and controls for how your users install the packages.

IEAK allows you to:
– Include Internet Explorer technologies, such as the Web Browser control, with your custom program and easily create Internet Explorer distribution media.
– Specify home and search providers and add Web sites to the Favorites list when you create your custom browser software packages.
– Redistribute Internet Explorer. By using setup scripts or command-line switches, you can reduce or eliminate the user interaction required to install Internet Explorer and Internet Tools. This helps ensure smooth installation when users set up your custom program with Internet Explorer.



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