Download: Microsoft Digital Citizenship Toolkit – Presentations

Microsoft offers a collections of materials in its Digital Citizenship in Action: A Guide to Education & Events Toolkit.

The toolkit includes all the elements needed to teach yourself and help educate others about computer security, data privacy, and online safety issues, prevention, and remediation.

This toolkit offers power point templates and how-to guides designed to use to help you build a successful online safety event geared to various audiences – youth, parents, educators, policymakers NGOs, etc.
– Teach Others – Online safety presentations and examples A virtual presentation-in-a-box, you’ll get all the materials you need to make a presentation or put together an event.
– You’ll draw on: – Ready-to-use PowerPoint slides with extensive user notes, a special guide for planning an event, and a poster to advertise it.

Presentation templates and how-to guides included in the toolkit:
– Create-your-own PowerPoint presentation
– How to build your own presentation
– How to use these materials for large organizations

Digital Citizenship Toolkit - Presentations


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