How to apply to become a Beta Tester for Microsoft

As a Microsoft Beta Tester, your primary aim is to discover and give information about software bugs and also proffer improvements to the product. It will enhance your skills, give you the early access to new products and sharpen your skills about using latest technologies.

Below is steps on how you can apply to become a beta tester for Microsoft:

1. You need to have a Windows Live ID, if you already have one then sign-in to your Hotmail account, else, create a new ID here.

2. Next step, visit the Microsoft Connect Web site and register yourself there by filling the details asked. You will see a list of products where Microsoft is currently accepting bugs and suggestions.

You are required to use your Microsoft Passport Network credentials (the e-mail address and password that you use to sign in to the Passport Network) to sign in.

3. In case if you do not have a Microsoft Passport Network account, visit the Microsoft Passport site to create one.

Once you sign in to your Passport Network account, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate product group for review and consideration.

Note: Due to the bulk volume of requests received, you will be only contacted if you will be chosen to participate. So, make sure that you will give maximimum information about yourself.


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