Download: White Papers – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Code Upgrade

Microsoft has made available for download series of white papers related to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 code upgrade.

White papers included in this series:
1. General
i) Code Upgrade Overview – Discusses changes in the code upgrade for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

2. Application Foundation
i) Date Effective Patterns – Describes how to use date effective tables to store and track object history in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
ii) Implementing and Extending the Organization Model – Discusses the organization model in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, and provides guidelines for extending the organization model for new types of operating units that are required to support industry vertical scenarios.
iii) Using the Enhanced Number Sequence Framework – Explains the changes in the number sequence framework for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, and provides scenarios for the setup and customization of the framework to match developers’ needs.

3. Framework
i) Developing with Table Inheritance – Outlines the developer experience of creating and programming with the table inheritance data model in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
ii) Eventing – Describes the concept of events and how they can be used in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
iii) Migrating Extended Data Type Relations – Describes how developers can migrate EDT relations to table relations in the Application Object Tree (AOT) in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
iv) Using the Policy Framework – Outlines the developer experience of adding a new policy type or extending existing policy types in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
v) Using the Refactored Formletter Framework – Describes the changes to the framework and how to update your customizations to take advantage of them.

4. Customer Relationship Management
i) Implementing the Global Address Book Framework – Describes the address book framework in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, which allows information to be shared across Microsoft Dynamics AX companies and entities through a central repository of users and organizations. It has been enhanced to facilitate easier sharing.

5. Financials
i) Implementing Budgeting – Describes new development patterns in budgeting and the implementation of those patterns.
ii) Implementing the Account and Financial Dimensions Framework – Highlights new patterns used to represent accounts and financial dimensions and describes how to convert the existing patterns to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 patterns.
iii) Implementing the Budget Control Framework – Highlights the new budget control framework that was added to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Includes information about key integration patterns for new financial frameworks, how to make budget requests, and how to use the ledger budget control framework with core integration patterns.
iv) Mapping the LedgerTrans Table to General Journal Tables – Describes how the LedgerTrans table has been mapped to mulitple general journal tables.
v) Shared Currencies and Exchange Rates – Highlights the key concepts and APIs that are related to the calculation, display, and storage of currency and exchange rate information.

6. Human Capital Management
i) Implementing and Updating the Human Resources Framework – Describes changes to the human resources framework and how to convert existing data patterns to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 functionality.

7. Supply Chain Management
i) Implementing InventTrans Refactoring – Discusses the refactoring of the InventTrans table and common design patterns. Also discusses how to implement these changes when developing new features or updating existing features.
ii) Implementing the Item-Product Data Management Framework – Highlights the new patterns that are used to represent item-product master data. When detailing the new patterns, the document also describes the pattern that is being replaced and how developers should approach updating their code.
iii) Implementing the Operations Resource Model – Describes new patterns that are used for representing resources, resource capabilities, and resource groups, and provides instruction for upgrading and implementing the new operations resource models.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 White Papers: Code Upgrade

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