Windows Logo Program for Hardware

The Windows Logo Program has undergone significant improvements so that Windows 8 can deliver a more streamlined experience for Microsoft partners.

The enhancements include a redesigned hardware certification kit that succeeds the Windows Logo Kit 1.6 and other improved tools. The details of these changes were outlined at BUILD 2011. The main agenda behind Windows Logo Program is to learn from Windows 7 Logo and set goals & initiatives for Windows 8.

The goals towards which the team headed for Windows certification Program are:
– To offer great experience for end users and developers.
– Streamlined certification experience.
– Broad and timely availability of quality products.

The Windows Hardware Certification Kit (formerly the Windows Logo Kit) has a entirely new design that will cut learning curves for new users, and make experienced users more productive. It also has, for the first time, a complete automation interface which assists partners to execute end-to-end testing via scripts. The kit has also been heightened to be multi-function, multi-platform and multi-feature aware.

More information and details here.

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