Microsoft launches

Today, Microsoft launched to help protect consumers from the dangers of using an out of date browser. is a resource for anyone who wants to improve their online security and increase their protection from socially engineered malware threats like phishing attacks.

These attacks are particularly nefarious because they manipulate people into taking actions, such as downloading software that may harm them or their PC by corrupting their computer with a virus, collecting confidential information, or stealing files. Attacks like these accounted for 45% of computer infections according to the Security Intelligence Report and they are exactly the types of attacks modern browsers help protect against. offers an easy way for people to assess their current browser’s security features. Scores range on a scale of 0 to 4, and they are calculated using data from the Security Intelligence Report as well as what experts such as the Anti-Phishing League, Identity Theft Council, and Online Trust Alliance believe to be the most important aspects of browser security.

Browsers that provide better protection against the most common threats – such as socially engineered malware – will receive a higher score.

To assess your browser security, visit



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