Download: Microsoft 2011 Citizenship Report

Microsoft’s mission is to help people and businesses around the world realize their full potential.

Citizenship at Microsoft is about serving the needs of communities and fulfilling their responsibilities to the public.

SERVING COMMUNITIES As a company, we have a responsibility to help create social and economic opportunities wherever we work, live, and do business. Microsoft works with partners to create social opportunity by applying technology to a range of pressing social issues. These include supporting nonprofits, education, humanitarian needs, healthcare, and energy and environmental sustainability. Technology also fosters economic opportunity and creates jobs. Through our core business and through global programs, we work to strengthen local economies by supporting
workforce development, IT infrastructure, research, innovation, and access to technology.

WORKING RESPONSIBLY: Citizenship at Microsoft is also about the way we work every day—about the values we bring to our business practices and operations. We seek principled approaches to how we conduct our business that uphold our responsibilities to the public. Those responsibilities manifest themselves in our Citizenship activities and encompass everything from adding features that make our products more accessible to those with disabilities to how we manage our suppliers to how we communicate with and engage the full range of stakeholders.

You can download the detailed review of Microsoft’s Citizenship programs and progress in 2011, here.


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