Review: uCertify M70-680 Exam PrepKit – TS: Windows 7, Configuring

uCertify M70-680: TS: Windows 7, Configuring is an easy-to-use application that will help you learn for the 70-680 exam. It also tracks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the actual exam.

This PrepKit contains a variety of tests that will help you prepare for your certification exam.

1. Diagnostic Tests: This test is designed to assess your current level of preparedness. It will help you focus on your weak areas and plan your test preparation accordingly.

2. Predefined Tests [A,B,C etc]: The predefined tests are simulation of the real certification tests. They enable you to effectively prepare to take the actual test by making the test experience familiar.

3. Final Test: This additional test is helpful in checking the level of your preparedness before the real exam. The questions in the test are very much similar to what you get in the real exams. Attempting this test will surely provide you the confidence to pass your certification exams in the first attempt.

4. Adaptive Test: Adaptive tests are usually more difficult than to conventional test as each question is presented based on your answer to last questions. You cannot go back to the previous question. Attempt the adaptive test only after mastering the conventional tests.

5. Create a Test: Create your own test according to your needs. You can draw questions based on a topic, study note and case study. These will help you to design tests based on your individual needs.

PrepKit Features
– Full length realistic tests
– Learn & Test
– Practice exam questions
– Support for all question types
– Simulation Questions
– Detailed explanations
– References for further study
– Interactive Quizzes
– Study notes, articles, exam tips, and ‘how-to’
– Reports and analysis tools
– Customizable exams
– Book mark and annotate study material
– Random question sequence & answer choices
– Rating and Feedback
– Customizable Interface
– Free Upgrades
– 24×7 Technical Support

Benefits of using the uCertify PrepKit for your exam preparation includes:
– Helps in systematic study and saves your time.
– Saves your money in searching for different books and study material.
– Help you analyze your weak and strong areas.
– Prepares you for the certification exam by helping you concentrate more on important topics.
– Puts you under real exam conditions and helps you get an experience of the actual certification exam.
– Reviews your performance and tells you when you are ready for the exam.

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