What You Need To Know About Windows 8 App Store

Last week, at the recently concluded BUILD conference, Microsoft revealed some information about upcoming Windows 8 App Store.

Below are few information as it relates to Windows 8 App Store:

– App Store will be the only place to get Metro apps for Windows 8.

– Microsoft only detailed Store capabilities and preparing apps and not about specific Store policies or business terms.

– Developers can submit their apps to Microsoft along with required meta data to Windows Store.

– Microsoft will list the apps in marketplace according to the category along with screenshots and reviews.

– Microsoft will provide Windows App Certification Kit for developers that will act as an self-assessment to ensure technical compliance.

– Microsoft will accept both Metro Style and old Win32 apps for Windows Store.

– Only Developers and enterprise customers can sideload Metro Style and Win32 apps from Windows Store.

– Microsoft removed the 70/30 revenue application sharing reference soon after it was discovered by public from its documents.

– Developers can offer free trial periods for their apps. Trial period can range from 1 day to 30 days.

– Win32 apps will be listed in Windows Store for free by Microsoft while Metro apps may require a nominal yearly fee from developers.


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