Windows 8 Developer Preview Guide now available

Microsoft has made available for download the Windows 8 Developer Preview Guide.

The next version of Windows (codenamed Windows 8 is being designed to build on what is great about Windows 7, delivering richer security features, faster startup, and longer battery life that runs on a wider choice of devices and chipsets. Windows 8 extends these fundamental features with a new touch-optimized interface. Windows 8 also provides the platform to create a whole new generation of full-screen apps that are based on modern web standards and available through the new Windows Store. We’ve redesigned the Windows experience and built on everything you already love.

With Windows 8:
– Web developers can use their HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills to build native applications for Windows.
– .NET Developers can use XAML, C#, and Visual Basic to build beautiful Metro style apps.
– Game developers can use the power of DirectX 11.1 to build amazing, immersive gaming experiences.
– Driver developers can use the new, integrated Microsoft Visual Studio development environment toincrease productivity.

Download: PDF | XPS

You can also download Windows Developer Preview with developer tools bits from here, and start building apps now!

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