Fix: Error message “Microsoft Office did not install correctly” in Office for Mac

This article may interest you, if you receive this error message Microsoft Office did not install correctly, to fix this problem you must follow specific steps to remove and then reinstall Office, after you have completed the installation of Office 2008 for Mac.

You will encounter this error;
– if the software did not install correctly on your computer
– the licensing credentials do not match

To resolve this issue, enure you;
– quit all programs and close all windows
– are logged on as an administrator
– have the software product key

You can now proceed to try these troubleshooting steps, as outlined in Microsoft KB2025907:
1. Remove licensing information (Plus force activation for downloaded versions), then try a new or unused Product key.
2. Reinstall Office and Download the Update. Go here for info on how to.
3. Manually remove the rest of files and folders of Office 2008 for Mac completely from your computer. Go here for info on how to.

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