Fix: Error message(s) “This is not a PowerPoint presentation” or “Not enough memory” in PowerPoint for Mac

This article may interest you, if when working on a PowerPoint document in PowerPoint for Mac, the program stops responding, or you receive errors “This is not a PowerPoint presentation” or “Not enough memory“.

You experience this issue, if the PowerPoint file is damaged or corrupted.

To resolve this issue, Microsoft KB188898 recommends, if after you have determined the file is damaged, you try the following methods to attempt to recover the damaged files:

General Troubleshooting
1. Install the latest updates for your version of PowerPoint for Mac.
2. Start the computer in safe mode.
3. Remove all Auto-recover files.

You cannot open a presentation
1. Drag and drop the file.
2. Open PowerPoint, and then click Open on the File menu.
3. Double-click the PowerPoint presentation.
4. Try to insert the slides into a blank presentation.
5. Try opening the presentation with PowerPoint Viewer.

You can open the damaged presentation
1. Insert the Slides into a Blank Presentation
2. Paste the slides from the damaged presentation into a new presentation
3. Save the presentation as RTF (Rich Text Format)

This fix applies to PowerPoint 2008 for Mac & PowerPoint 2004 for Mac.

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