Download: Windows Azure Platform Support Description (.pdf)

Microsoft has made available for download a document which focuses on the support services included with every Windows Azure subscription and includes guidelines for how to effectively access and use each of the Windows Azure support channels and associated documentation.

The Description of Support for the Windows Azure Platform, provides information about the technical and nontechnical support currently included in a subscription to Windows Azure.

The Windows Azure platform services include:
– Windows Azure
– Microsoft SQL Azure
– Windows Azure AppFabric
– Windows Azure Data Market

The Microsoft Services Support for Azure team is committed to helping subscriber organizations quickly and efficiently resolve issues that their users might encounter with the Windows Azure Platform.

Azure Services Support activities include:
– Troubleshooting, managing, and resolving customer issues and escalations
– Gathering and validating information related to specific service requests
– Providing issue coordination and resolution management
– Maintaining communication with customers and helping to ensure that issues are addressed on
an ongoing basis
– Providing assistance with licensing, invoicing, and subscription inquiries
– Continually gathering customer feedback on how to improve the Windows Azure Platform
– Customer conference calls with Operations Support and Developer Support, as required

Support Services for Azure - Customer Document (.pdf)

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