Download: Biztalk Terminator – BizTalk Server Support Troubleshooting tool

Microsoft has made available for download BizTalk Terminator. This tool allows for common BizTalk problems to be addressed by scripts.

BizTalk Terminator is intended to be used as a:
1. A centralized repository for these scripts
2. A way for users to easily execute these scripts
3. A mechanism to auto-update these scripts
4. MBV Integration which allows users to easily resolve common BizTalk database integrity issues identified by the BizTalk MessageBoxViewer tool.
5. An automated way to improve performance on a Biztalk Group by tuning with standard tunings that are known to improve Biztalk Performance.

Before running this tool be sure to:
– Back up your BizTalk databases
– Stop all hosts instances (including isolated hosts)
– Stop all BizTalk SQL Agent jobs
– Fully understand the task that you will run before executing it
– Install PowerShell 2.0 on the machine running the tool.

BizTalk Support tshooting tool

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