Introducing the Microsoft Touch Mouse Artist Edition

Microsoft has unveiled the latest member of the Microsoft Hardware touch line – Touch Mouse Artist Edition.

The Touch Mouse Artist Edition is white and features a design etched into it from New York-based artist Deanne Cheuk. Deanne integrated circuit boards into the design and calligraphy-like motif echoes the motions a person would perform with their fingers on the Touch Mouse.

According to Microsoft;

But for our latest project we didn’t have to look far — we found inspiration in the technology of one of Microsoft’s latest products. We were captivated by the fluid, rhythmic patterns of people using the Microsoft Touch Mouse. Their finger paths and hand movements beautifully flowed in an organic nature —it was like watching an orchestral conductor — so we wanted to release a limited-edition graphic for the Touch Mouse that spoke to the beautiful motion, and we knew just the artist that could bring that to life.

Features of the Touch Mouse Artist Edition:
One Finger: Scroll, flick, or pan any direction for quick navigation. Sweep your thumb to go forward or back.

Two Fingers: Snap to see your windows side by side, or maximize and minimize.

Three Fingers: Show all open windows or reveal your desktop.

Contoured shape: Superior comfort that’s designed to fit your hand.

Plug-And-Go Nano Transceiver: Leave the Nano Transceiver plugged in when you’re on the go, or stow it in the mouse.

Exclusively for Windows 7: Touch Mouse takes advantage of the enhanced features of Windows 7 to make you more productive.

BlueTrack Technology: BlueTrack Technology allows this multitouch mouse to go virtually anywhere.

You may also check out Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse, Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7 and Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse.


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