Zune 4.8 now available, includes ‘Mango’ support

Microsoft has released Zune v4.8. The Zune software is a key companion for your Windows Phone 7 device. It allows you to update your phone software, sync photos and videos, shop for apps, and more.

This version is mostly focused on under-the-hood changes that bring support for the upcoming Windows Phone update, known as Mango.

Some new features were implemented like; Progressive updates which allows you to click the update button once for multiple updates. Once an update is finished, the software automatically checks for more and repeats the installation process until your phone is completely up to date. The Zune v4.8 software also brings support for 48-hour movie rentals and parental controls for M-rated content.

The new version also syncs up your media files seperately from the rest of the phone; this allows for faster backup times. It also allows Windows Phone 7 users to skip a phone backup if there’s not enough space on their PC to store the backup file. Also included in this version of Zune is support for a number of new countries and languages.

As posted on Windows Phone blog;

Our primary goal with this release was to make the Zune software the best companion for your Mango phone, so the team implemented a few new features and made a bunch of under-the-hood refinements and fixes, including several based on your feedback.

Existing users can update their current version by clicking on Settings > Software > General > Check For Updates.

The Zune v4.8 bits can also be manually downloaded from Microsoft Download Centre.


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