White Paper: Improve Windows 7 Operational Efficiency with Microsoft Desktop Virtualisation

Microsoft has made available for download a free Desktop Virtualisation Overview white paper which explores the desktop virtualisation options available for Windows 7.

Microsoft offers IT the ability to manage all desktop scenarios: physical or virtual.

To take advantage of desktop virtualization, organizations should start by identifying the business problems they are trying to solve and then understanding how different desktop virtualization solutions can address their specific business needs.

Benefits of deploying Windows 7 outlined in the paper includes:

1. Flexibility to Work Everywhere: Microsoft Desktop Virtualisation enables the following scenarios to give users the flexibility to work everywhere:
– Flexible Access to Windows
– Anywhere Productivity
– Maximise Hardware Investments

2. Improve Compliance and Business Continuity: Microsoft Desktop Virtualisation enables the following scenarios to improve compliance and business continuity:
– Secure Corporate Data
– Avoid Business Disruptions

3. Simplify Management and Delivery: Microsoft Desktop Virtualisation enables the following scenarios to simplify management and delivery:
– Accelerate Deployment
– Centralised and Unified Infrastructure

Organizations that want to provide a personalized Windows experience across any connected or offline corporate PC, and simplify management and accelerate deployment of corporate applications to users on demand, should begin by adopting App-V and User State virtualization. Both technologies apply to every desktop, because they work across all physical and virtual instances of Windows whether they are running locally or hosted in the data centre.

For a detailed read, download the August 2011 whitepaper, here.

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