Windows 8 to get an App Store

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8 will support an app store.

Windows 8 Desktop

In an official Building Windows or B8 blog post, Steven Sinofsky has mentioned some of many teams building Windows 8, including App Store group.

A total of 35 teams are working on Windows 8, and some core changes are hinted, ranging from a hypervisor or virtual machine manager within the client edition to improvements in Windows Update, Microsoft’s consumer update service etc.

Here is the list of teams building Windows 8:
– App Compatibility and Device Compatibility
– App Store
– Applications and Media Experience
– App Experience
– Core Experience Evolved
– Device Connectivity
– Devices & Networking Experience
– Ecosystem Fundamentals
– Engineer Desktop
– Engineering System
– Enterprise Networking
– Global Experience
– Graphics Platform
– Hardware Developer Experience
– Human Interaction Platform
– Hyper-V
– Internet Explorer
– In Control of Your PC
– Kernel Platform
– Licensing and Deployment
– Media Platform
– Networking Core
– Performance
– Presentation and Composition
– Reliability, Security, and Privacy
– Runtime Experience
– Search, View, and Command
– Security & Identity
– Storage & Files Systems
– Sustained Engineering
– Telemetry
– User-Centered Experience
– Windows Live
– Windows Online
– Windows Update
– Wireless and Networking services

Microsoft will reveal more about Windows 8, and possibly release a preview version of the OS, at its Build conference, which kicks off Sept. 13 in Anaheim, Calif.


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