Microsoft launches the Bing “We’re In” app for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has released the Bing “We’re In” app for Windows Phone 7. The app will allow its users to organize groups of friends and invite them to come to a specific location.

To use the app, you will be required to sign in using your Windows Phone 7 phone number and then adding in all of your phone’s contacts. When you want to invite them to a specific location, you add in the contacts that you want to bring in to your event. The friends are notified of your invite via a text message. If they own a Windows Phone 7 based smartphone, they can use their own ‘We’re In’ app to join your invite. For friends that don’t have a Windows Phone, they can join from the mobile website via the invite.

The locations of each of your friends that joins you appear on the map. If you need to you can pan, pinch and stretch the map to see more or fewer of them. Everyone that joins can see everyone else’s location.

The app also allows you to update your status message to let your friends know what’s going on (you’re on your way, you’re going to be late, the first round has just arrived, important stuff they need to know). To see someone’s most recent status message, just tap their user tile on the map. To see status messages for everyone that’s joined, go to the People tab.

The invite expires when the time is up, and location sharing stops. No user input is required.

The app is just for Windows Phone 7 users, the Bing team is working to bring the same app to other devices.

Bing App for Windows Phone 7


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