Microsoft Style Guides now available in 38 International Languages

Microsoft has updated, expanded and made available for download, 38 International Style Guides. International Style guides provide general Microsoft guidelines for style, tone, orthography and other language topics.

Style Guides are essential tools to help you localize, translate and author content when developing applications that run under Microsoft platforms such as Windows or Exchange or integrate with products like Office, Dynamics, Visual Studio, SQL Server etc.

What’s new?

– The structure of the style guides has been significantly simplified to provide only the necessary information and structured in a more logical way. You’ll find more information in the What’s New section in each guide. Some major changes have been introduced for Russian (new, less formal style) and European Portuguese (adopting the new spelling reform rules). Check back on the blog in the next day or two for more specifics on the changes in these two languages.
– We’ve abandoned the old .CHM format and adopted the friendlier .PDF format which will also make the content of each style guide more visible in internet searches.
– The new style guides also include more comprehensive locale data and provide far more comprehensive examples to illustrate topics.

International style guides tell you how to “speak to” the user when addressing them in your application, web content or Help topic.

The updated Style Guides are available at the Microsoft Language Portal and can be downloaded from here.

If you are a Windows Phone developer, you may want to check out these 5 style guides for developing Windows Phone apps for international markets.

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