IE9 blocks 96% of live threats with SmartScreen URL reputation

Yesterday, NSS Labs, an independent security research and testing organization, released two reports that show SmartScreen continues to offer industry-leading protection against socially engineered malware.

According to the report, Internet Explorer 9 caught an exceptional 96% of the live threats with SmartScreen URL reputation, and an additional 3.2% with Application Reputation.

The average time taken by SmartScreen filter to block a threat has gotten 28% faster, and if Application Reputation is considered, then the average time has improved by 85%. Not only has the effectiveness of the technology improved, but so has the speed at which it is able to identify socially engineered malware.

The graph below compares the test results from various browsers and shows that Internet Explorer blocks up to seven times more malware than other browsers in the global test.

Other regional tests, showed similar and consistent results for socially engineered malware targeted at users in Asia Pacific and in Europe.

With Internet Explorer, SmartScreen helps protect users from socially engineered malware attacks by stopping them before they have a chance to infect your PC and in all cases, Internet Explorer 9 leads across all browsers in protecting users from live threats of malware.

You can download the NSS Labs August 2011 report (.pdf), here.

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