White paper: Integrate, Automate, Simplify business processes using BizTalk Server & SAP

Microsoft has released a document, describing how to integrate, automate, and simplify business processes using BizTalk Server and SAP.

The Microsoft platform, and specifically BizTalk Server, can provide a robust platform for extending the reach of the SAP Platform.

BizTalk Server can facilitate flexible communication between Microsoft-centric applications and SAP. It can offer the most productive, cost effective and easy to manage automation & integration solutions for SAP customers.

The advantages includes:
Comprehensive automation capabilities: Orchestration, Messaging, Business Rules and SAP Connectivity (iDoc, RFC, iView, etc). This allows organizations to synchronize SAP information/data with other applications and automate cross-application and cross-functional processes with ease. Business Activity Monitoring help customers gain real-time operational insight into those processes.

Productive and rapid development with Visual Studio: Development teams have to learn only one development tool and one programming framework/interface (.NET)

Cost Effective Solutions: BizTalk Server with its unified development and management environment and integrated capabilities and wide availability of partners and .Net skills makes it very cost effective automation and integration solution for SAP customers and allow them to achieve business objectives in the most rapid time possible.

Using the Microsoft platform and the SAP platform together can provide advanced solutions in almost any organization and give the best of both worlds. The Microsoft platform can work right along-side the SAP platform and extend the reach beyond the boundaries of SAP, providing business users the solutions they need in the tools they use every day.

Whitepaper: SAP Interoperability (.docx)


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