Microsoft releases 5 style guides for developing Windows Phone apps for international markets

The Windows Phone team has made available for download 5 free international style guides to help developers localize apps better.

Style guides tell you how to “speak to” the user when addressing them in your app. For example, should you say “please” to the user? Or how do you abbreviate words for a smartphone screen, or what level of formality is appropriate (e.g., should you use “vous” or “tu” in French), or how do you translate “oops” so it’s appropriate for a specific language.

The style guide(s) focuses on:
1. Target Group and General Tone
2. Style
3. Terminology
4. Capitalization
5. Text Overflow
6. Shortening Strings Due to Length Restrictions
7. How to Handle Input from Mobile Operators

The style guides are available in the following language:
German Windows Phone style guide
English UK Windows Phone style guide
French Windows Phone style guide
Spanish Windows Phone style guide
Italian Windows Phone style guide

The language used in is intended to make the user feel that this is a system they can depend on. The overall style should be perceived as sincere, enthusiastic, balanced and supportive. The text is intended to be casual and full of energy, with simple, easy to understand explanations.

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