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TrackMyShots – Windows Phone 7 app for patients with conditions requiring frequent injections

TrackMyShots helps patients suffering from diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions keep track of where and when they inject their medications. Continue reading

Resolve: Unable to print characters in an equation when printing a Word 2007 document in Windows XP or Windows Server 2003

This article may interest you, if running Windows XP or Windows server 2003 and you attempt to print an Office Word 2007 document that contains an equation, the equation does not print, or the characters in the equation are not printed. Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 Connector v2.0 for Mac now available

Microsoft has released Windows Phone 7 Connector v2.0 for Mac and its now available for download from the Mac App Store. Continue reading

Microsoft details ISO and VHD files Storage Format Support in Windows 8

Microsoft has been unveiling particulars of Windows 8, with the most recent tidbit focusing on the upcoming operating system’s easy interoperability with two popular file-storage formats (ISO and VHD). Continue reading

Datasheets, White papers, Technical Presentations, Demos, Product Guide for SQL Server ‘Denali’

Microsoft has made available for download resources that will help you evaluate Microsoft SQL Server code name ‘Denali‘. Continue reading

Fix: Installation path incorrectly disappear for a Setup project that was upgraded from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010 SP1

This article may interest you, if upgrade fails when migrating setup project from VS2008 to VS2010 SP1. Continue reading

Fix: Windows Update error 80072EFD when checking for updates

If while checking for updates and you receive Windows Update error 80072EFD, then this article may interest you. Continue reading