Office Compatibility: Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) tool now available

Microsoft has released Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) tool. The OMPM 2010 is a group of tools designed to help administrators during the planning and testing phases of a Microsoft Office 2010 or Office 365 deployment.

The goal of the tool set is to help administrators understand the number and types of Microsoft Office files in their environment and effectively plan for a smooth rollout of the new version of Microsoft Office and conversion of required files to the OpenXML formats.

OMPM assists administrators in the discovery and compatibility assessment of existing Office documents for conversion from the binary document formats (.doc, .xls, etc.) to OpenXML formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc.).

OMPM 2010 also adds features to assess macro compatibility with Office 2010 and 64 bit Office compatibility.

The toolkit contains:
Office File Converter (OFC), which enables bulk document conversions from binary to OpenXML formats.
Version Extraction Tool (VET) to extract saved file versions.

Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM)


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  1. On Board to try “I.T.” … Let’s go !


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  4. Trying hands on – OMPM now..


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