Resolve error code(s) ‘c101a24b’ ‘c101a7d4’ ‘c00cee2b’ when updating or installing Marketplace applications on Windows Phone 7

If when you try to install or update an application in Windows Phone Marketplace but receive any of these error code(s); ‘c101a24b‘ ‘c101a7d4‘ ‘c00cee2b‘, then this article may interest you.

The cause of each error code is unique, but the error messages are frequently the same.

Error code – c101a24b: This problem can occur if Allow Cookies is disabled in your Windows Phone Internet Explorer settings.

Error code – c101a7d4: This problem can occur when Marketplace can’t update the trial version of an app because the phone’s license information doesn’t match the customer’s Purchase History.

Error code – c00cee2b: This is a technical issue that happens when the system doesn’t recognize XML encoding within the Marketplace catalogue feed.

For steps on how to resolve each error code, visit Microsoft KB2495286.

This article Fix: Windows Phone 7 update error codes 800705B4 & 80180080 using Windows Phone Support Tool may also interest you!

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