Winners of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 announced!

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the winners of the just concluded Imagine Cup 2011 competition. Prizes were awarded in a variety of categories

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup World Festival and Awards Ceremony marked the end of a six-day event covering the Imagine Cup 2011. 400 college and high school students representing 124 teams from 70 countries traveled to New York to compete at the Imagine Cup 2011 finals.

According to S. Somasegar, senior vice president, Developer Division, Microsoft;

The innovators, entrepreneurs and humanitarians who compete in the Imagine Cup have developed an inspiring spectrum of projects, raising the bar higher and higher each year. We are in awe of the students’ solutions for addressing social and real-world challenges, and want to help them take their projects to the next level with the financial, technical and business support they need to change the world.

Here’s a rundown of winners in their respective categories:

Software Design: Students create innovative software, service solutions and applications that unleash the power of technology to benefit society.

First Place: Team Hermes (Ireland)
Second Place: Team Note-Taker (United States)
Third Place: OaSys (Jordan)

Embedded Development: Students develop embedded devices, working with hardware and software to build solutions that use Windows Embedded Compact 7.

First Place: NTHUCS (Taiwan)
Second Place: Harmonicare (China)
Third Place: Endeavour_Design (Romania)

Game Design: Students select one of three tracks (Mobile, Web or Windows/Xbox) to create games that are not only fun but also help to improve the global community at the same time.

First Place: Geekologic (France)
Second Place: Close World Mobile (France)
Third Place: Team Dragon (United States)

First Place: Cellardoor (Poland)
Second Place: Signum Fidei (Philippines)
Third Place: Quegee Team (Slovakia)

First Place: Signum Games (Brazil)
Second Place: JubJub (Thailand)
Third Place: WickedTeam (Czech Republic)

Digital Media: Students create Web videos to share their points of view and generate awareness of critical global issues.

First Place: M.N.A. (Romania)
Second Place: Brothers Forever (Oman)
Third Place: CottonCandy (Taiwan)


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