Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK now available

Microsoft has released Microsof Surface 2.0 SDK for developers, as earlier announced by Microsoft at MIX 2011 that the development platform will be released on July 12.

With the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK, you can easily create applications to take advantage of the next generation Surface computing device. The applications you create can be adapted for other Windows 7 touch-enabled devices as well.

Development platform that delivers familiarity and innovation opportunity:
– Build upon Windows 7, NET 4.0 and WPF 4.0 and integrates with Visual Studio 2010
– Benefit from consistency in experience across Windows 7 devices with the Surface multi-touch controls.
– Develop multi-user, multi-touch and object interaction unique to Surface 2.0 – innovative experiences that excite users and customers.

Easy to use tools and resources you need:
– The Surface 2.0 SDK includes controls, API, samples, and documentation to create applications that take advantage of PixelSense. You can also use it to create touch applications for other Windows 7 touch devices.
– The Surface 2.0 SDK Microsoft Input Simulator allows you to develop and test on Windows 7 PCs (32 or 64-bit)

Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK and Runtime

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