Microsoft to retire Windows XP on April 8, 2014

Yesterday, Microsoft made yet another move to convince customers to drop Windows XP and adopt Windows 7, stating that, as contained in the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy, there were only 1,000 days of support life left in the 10-year-old operating system.

On April 8, 2014, security patches and hotfixes for all versions of Windows XP will no longer be available. This support discontinuation means that Windows XP will be vulnerable to security threats.

Furthermore, many third party software providers are not planning to extend support for their applications running on Windows XP, which translates to even more complexity, security risks, and ultimately, added management costs for IT departments still managing Windows XP environments.

According to Stephen L Rose, IT community manager for the Windows commercial team;

The good news is there is a great alternative to Windows XP — Windows 7. And moving on is easier than ever with powerful tools and guidance to help you every step of the way. In fact, some of the world’s most prominent companies have already moved to Windows 7. Organizations like Boeing, InfoSys, Dell, Purdue University, Samsung, Royal Mail Group, and BMW are now benefiting from the cost-savings, security, and productivity gains Windows 7 delivers.

During a keynote speech at the ongoing Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Los Angeles, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, announced that 400 million licences of Windows 7 has been sold since the product launch.

Today, also marks the end of support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), in accordance with the updated Service Pack Support policy.

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  1. Although I haven’t used Microsoft XP in years, I definitely believe it is one of the best operating systems that Microsoft has ever produced. The backup company I work for also just published a blog on this same topic ( ). However, our COO discusses it more from a data backup and recovery perspective. The blog’s RIP Windows tombstone image is pretty funny if I might say so myself.


  2. […] Microsoft to retire Windows XP on April 8, 2014 ( […]


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