Introducing the Microsoft Zentity v2.0 – Manage and Maintain your digital repositories

Microsoft Zentity is a repository platform designed for academic, governmental, and scientific organizations that conduct and compile research. From a technical standpoint, Zentity is a hybrid store: a combination of a triplestore and a traditional relational database.

Microsoft Zentity is a semantically enabled repository platform that provides a suite of building blocks, tools, and services to create and maintain an organisation’s digital-library ecosystem. The research lifecycle generates a wide variety of outputs that are important to store and track as part of the on-going research process. Zentity maximizes the value of this output by helping researchers access, analyse, and unlock the previously hidden structure and relationships among data elements.

Microsoft Zentity enables information aggregation scenarios, or mashups, across different data sources, by taking advantage of standard protocols such as the Open Data Protocol, OData.

Features of Zentity include:
Zentity Software Development Kit: Includes dynamically created sample data sets from publicly available sources, such as Pub Med, programming examples, and API documentation.

Zentity Console: An application based on PowerShell commandlets that provides easy access to the Zentity API by using a console application.

Zentity Data Service: This service exposes arbitrary data models stored in Zentity to external applications. This service is based on WCF Data Services and it is ODATA compliant, which allows applications such as Excel Power Pivot to connect to Zentity and enable data mining.

Improved deployment experience: Most users can install Zentity and begin using it within 15 minutes or less.

What’s new in v2.0:
– New services
i) Pivot Collection Service and Zentity Data Service

– New client applications:
i) Pivot Viewer and ODATA Viewer, in collaboration with Microsoft Live Labs
ii) Visual Explorer, in collaboration with MSR Asia
iii) PowerShell admin console

– .NET 4.0 support
– ODATA support
– Data model agnostic
– Multi-tier application support
– Zentity SDK
– Improved deployment experience

Microsoft Zentity v2.0

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