White Paper: Introducing Microsoft Antimalware Technologies

This paper describes the technologies that Microsoft uses to combat malware. One core technology in use is the antimalware engine, a component that works with many Microsoft products and services.

The antimalware engine scans client computers for signs of malware at every possible level of infection, from the browser or application level down to system files. These technologies form part of a larger Microsoft antimalware effort that includes uniform deployment of updates and innovative technology that helps prevent exploitation of software vulnerabilities.

Malware has become a standard weapon in organized crime’s arsenal against legitimate enterprises. Often, individual types of malware are deployed together as part of a large, sophisticated assault designed to unleash waves of malware over
time and to recruit vulnerable computers into botnets, or networks of compromised computers that are controlled remotely and surreptitiously by cybercriminals.

Malware can be spread through such vectors as downloaded email and IM attachments, applications shared on social networking sites, files shared peer-to-peer or on network shares, removable flash drives, and hard disks. It can also be spread through exploiting vulnerabilities in the security of legitimate software.

Common types of malware include:
– Rogue security software
– Password stealers
– Keyloggers
– Rootkits
– Viruses
– Worms
– Trojan horses
– Spyware

The antimalware technologies are supported by the efforts of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC), which constantly accrues and analyzes global data to help protect Microsoft customers.

The antimalware engine is the core of malware protection and it runs inside all Microsoft products that include antimalware capabilities, such as:
Microsoft Security Essentials
– Microsoft Forefront Protection Manager
Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection
– Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
– Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)
Malicious Software Removal Tool
Microsoft Safety Scanner

Introducing Microsoft Antimalware Technologies (.pdf | .xps)

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